PETROF Brand Family

Tones of PETROF instruments sounded for the first time in the very heart of Europe in Hradec Králové in 1864 and their fame resonates presently all over the world. Antonín Petrof established this famous trademark which is synonymous to honest work, careful choice of materials and precision, for love of music and the enjoyment of playing. Thanks to these values, PETROF has become the largest piano manufacturer in Europe. At present, after 150 years of respect for the tradition, PETROF presents the unique instrument that represents all the ideals and values that the brand founder gave to the world. The magnificent grand piano proudly bearing the name of ANT. PETROF.

PETROF is the traditional and currently the largest manufacturer of pianos in Europe. Founded by Antonin Petrof in 1864, and during his 35 years with the family managed to escape from a small workshop to build a prosperous factory exporting pianos and grand pianos throughout the world. Success built on honest craftsmanship, careful choice of materials, skilled craftsmen and innovation. Many of the over 150 years of existence the company has changed, but the values that have helped PETROF become one of the world's leading manufacturers in our country we profess today.